Student Resources

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Whether you are a first-time freshman or are transfering from a community college/other university, please keep in mind that the obligations and responsibilities of the University to students with disabilities can be significantly different than those from your previous academic institution.

  • Receive appropriate accommodations.
  • Participate in academically-related school activities and programs.
  • Receive respectful treatment by faculty and staff.
  • Privacy and confidentiality.
  • Recourse to discrimination against you due to your disability.

Student Confidentiality

SDS practices the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which is a law that protects students' educational records and prevents the improper disclosure of these records. As an SDS student, you must sign a SDS release of information and specify the individual you are authorizing the release of disability-related information. Without your authorization, we will not disclose information to faculty, staff, or parents. To learn more about FERPA and your rights as a student at SDSU, visit the University's Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities.

Student Responsibilities

  • Meet with counselors, academic advisors and other appropriate staff to discuss and arrange accommodations.
  • Treat faculty, staff, service providers, peers, and students with respect.
  • Provide appropriate documentation in a timely manner.
  • Notify the Interpreter Coordinator, your SDS Counselor or the SDS office of changes in your schedule including individual class cancellations.
  • Request additional and/or incidental accommodations at least one week in advance, including accommodations for field trips, meetings with faculty, and accommodations for Final Exam Week.
  • Report interpreter, captionist, or other service provider No-Shows to the Interpreter Coordinators.
  • If you experience any conflict with your service provider, contact the Interpreter Coordinators or your SDS Counselor immediately.

For more information visit Student Rights & Responsibilities.